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Mental Health

Our vision

Our vision is to deliver substantially improved outcomes for people with mental health problems in Tower Hamlets through integrated mental health services that are safe and effective; with friendly staff that inspire confidence in the people and families using them; and which help people to take control of their own lives and recovery.


Our achievements

  • On behalf of Tower Hamlets Health and Wellbeing Board, and in collaboration with service users, we drove the development of a 5 year cross-system Mental Health Strategy
  • We worked with East London NHS Foundation Trust to develop a highly effective system for helping people in crisis to avoid unnecessary overnight stays in local mental health units, which has kept inpatient occupancy at less than 85%
  • We won the Local Government Chronicle Health and Social Care Award 2013 for work that we drove with partners to transform the care pathway for people with dementia. This has seen our diagnosis rate increase by 20% since March 2011.
  • We developed a new model of enhanced care and support for people with stable psychosis in primary care, to enable them to be discharged from secondary care mental health services.
  • We commissioned a new department at the Royal London Hospital to provide expert psychiatric assessment and support for people with mental health problems and substance misuse.


Our current priorities

  • We are working to transform the pathway for Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHs), in partnership with the charity Young Minds
  • Building on the success of our primary care service for people with stable psychosis, we are designing a service offer for more patients currently under secondary care who could be supported in their recovery in primary care
  • We are developing the service model to prevent general hospital admission of people with mental health conditions at high risk, including 4 specialist nurses providing support to primary care


Our priorities for 2014 - 16

  1. We will implement our plans for further development of our primary care based mental health services
  2. We will ensure mental health is at the centre of our integrated care system
  3. We will refresh the service model for children and young people’s mental health
  4. We will develop recovery and wellbeing orientated services
  5. We will roll out choice of first outpatient appointment in mental health
  6. We will ensure that waiting times for mental health services are minimised
  7. We will pilot personal health budgets in mental health
  8. We will develop the mental health payment system
  9. We will develop and implement a local crisis concordat
  10. We will ensure that the Care Act and the Mental Capacity Act are implemented by providers
  11. We will develop a homeless pathway service at the Royal London Hospital











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