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Quality in General Practice

‘Quality in General Practice’ is the new name for ‘Achieving Excellence in General Practice’. The programme has been re-branded to best reflect its priorities and aims. The strategy document is now available to download.

The Quality in General Practice programme has been established to:

1)      Keep up the momentum that Tower Hamlets has created for supporting primary care development.

2)      Explore and agree the role of the CCG in supporting primary care development.

3)      Address issues of equity in relation to access and outcomes from general practice services for the population of Tower Hamlets, ensuring high quality services and supporting quality improvement where needed.

4)      Address the unprecedented levels of demand in general practice and support them in preparing for the future, in particular to be able to respond to the changes that integrated care will bring.

5)      Promote and nurture a culture of innovation to respond to the challenges faced by General Practice.

The programme aims for 2014/15 are:

  • The launch of the Innovation Fund for General Practice 
    The aim of the Innovation Fund for General Practice is to invest in projects that will open up new ways of working that align with the objectives of the ‘Quality in General Practice’ strategy. 
    The fund was launched in May, for further information can be found here
  • The launch of the Leadership Programme for General Practice
  • Upgrading the existing GP Internet site
  • Improving collaboration between Primary and Secondary care Clinical Communities
  • Collecting and analysing workforce and financial data for future planning
  • Training courses to increase resilience in general practice
    A series of training courses have been introduced including Mindfulness Based Stress Relief; Solution Focused training; and Micro-team training. 

We will be updating these pages with details of events and documents that we are producing. We are also seeking to set up more interactive discussions and feedback forums in the future – please watch this space for further details, but feel free to contact THCCG.Excellence-in-general-practice@nhs.net for further details.

Please find some documents below including the Quality in General Practice strategy document. 

Quality in General Practice Strategy 

Quality in General Practice Commissioning Priorities 

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