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Patient Story Programme

One of the ways in which we would like patients to get involved is by participating in our ‘Patient Story Programme’.

A Patient Story will be an account of one event or episode or care or the experiences of a group of people, given by a patient to a member of the CCG staff, who will interview and film them.  Their story will then be presented to the CCG Governing Body at their public meeting, which happens every other month.  Patients can also be supported to attend and give their story in person if they feel comfortable with this. 

Patient stories help to forge and maintain a connection between the CCG and their primary purpose of commissioning high quality, safe healthcare. By listening to the Patient Story, the CCG Governing Body can understanding the patients’ experiences, what worked for them and what didn’t, barriers they may have faced and suggestions they have for how things could be improved. 

By actively listening to real experiences the CCG Governing Body will see health care services through the patients’ eyes and be able to maintain a focus on the continual improvement of patient safety and experience from the patients’ perspective.  The story will be introduced by someone who leads the service or a member of the Governing Body and the group will have time to ask questions, comment and commit to actions based on the feedback.

We are always looking for people to tell us their story – we want to hear from Tower Hamlets residents who have had recent experiences of using hospital services that are commissioned by Barts Health NHS Trust, in particular the Royal London and Mile End Hospitals and of services provided by East London Foundation Trust, which provides mental health services in the borough.   

If this is you or you know someone who would want to tell their story then please get in touch by contacting:

Nicola Weaver, CCG Engagement Manager

020 3688 2545


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