Case study - Jackie

case study jackie

I am a 54 year old women. I worked in the MET Police and trained as a nurse. I love Kingston my canine partner as he supports me. I have had a previous brain injury that led to epilepsy then surgery leading to complications resulting in me becoming a wheelchair user. I enjoy travelling and animal welfare in which I have a degree. I want to maintain my independence, this is very important to me.

 Why choose a PHB?

  • Traditional services were not working for me
  • To attend Slimming World to reduce weight and maintain diabetes as this was not being controlled
  • To have flexibility choice and control in how my support was provided
  • To have help and support attending appointments
  • Meet wellbeing needs that cannot be met via current services

What was being accessed?

  • Diabetes Service
  • A&E and GP regularly
  • Canine Partners
  • Family & friends for daily support
  • Community Mental Health team
  • Memory Clinic

What’s being accessed now?

  • Diabetes service now reduced
  • Reduced ambulance call outs due to Kingston and weight loss
  • Canine partners long term
  • Choice and control in employing a PA
  • Personalised Care Programme & PHB
  • Slimming World weekly

What’s changed?

  • 3 Stone weight loss and increased confidence
  • Diabetes is now maintained resulting in reduced visits to GP and A&E.
  • Reduction in need for diabetic service and potentially other related services
  • Confidence in pursuing other activities. I am planning a bungee Jump in Africa to raise funds for Canine Partners
  • Appointment assistance from PA allowing me to better understand consultations
  • Through employing a PA I am less reliant on friends and family

Estimated Cost Saving

  • £26.000 per annum saved in reduced ambulance call outs, diabetes admissions & potential inpatient care.