Vision and objectives

Our vision

Our vision is to make sure that local people have access to the highest quality health and care services which have been designed to meet individual needs. Everyone should have a good experience and feel supported by services that link together seamlessly to play an active role in planning their own care. We will also act responsibly with the money we have been given to plan and pay for services in the borough, working with our partners to create a stable healthcare system for the future.

Corporate objectives

Our vision for health in Tower Hamlets will be achieved by following clear corporate objectives. These objectives reflect where we are now as a CCG, where we want to be in the future and our obligation to fulfil our statutory duties. Our corporate objectives for 2016-2019 are:

  1. To work in partnership to commission high quality hospital services that are accessible, provide the appropriate treatment in the right place, and achieve good patient outcomes for people of all ages living in the borough
  2. To commission person-centred, integrated health and care services that are sustainable and that equally meet the mental and physical needs of our residents
  3. To contribute towards a financially sustainable and responsive health and care economy which delivers value for money and innovation and supports the appropriate use of services
  4. To support local people and stakeholders to have a greater influence on services we commission
  5. To promote equality both as an employer and a commissioner of health care services
  6. To create a high performing and sustainable workforce that continuously learns and is engaged in delivering our ambitions.