Freedom of Information

NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning publishes a wide range of information about its policies, structure, governance, performance and more in the About and Publications sections of this website.

Before submitting a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, please check to see if what you want is already published. If you make an FOI request for information that is already published, then you will simply be referred to the published source. If you are wishing to make a Subject Access Request (SAR), please visit this page for more information. Follow this link to download a copy of our Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

What is the right to know?

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) gives people a general right of access to information held by or on behalf of public authorities, promoting a culture of openness and accountability across the public sector.

What sort of information can I request?

In theory, you can request any information that Tower Hamlets CCG holds, that does not fall under an exemption. You may not ask for information that is covered by the Data Protection Act.

How do I make a request for information?

Your request must be in writing and can be either posted, faxed or emailed to Tower Hamlets CCG.  The service is managed by the team at NHS North and East London Commissioning Support Unit (NEL CSU).

For postal requests, please send to the following address:

FOI Team
NEL Commissioning Support Unit
Clifton House
75-77 Worship Street


Can my request be refused?

Our commitment to publish information excludes any information which can legitimately be withheld under the exemptions set out in the NHS Openness Code or the Freedom of Information Act. Where individual classes of information are subject to exemptions, the main reasons are, for example, the protection of commercial interests and personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998. This applies to all classes within the Publication Scheme.

What information do we publish?

Under the FOIA the CCG is required to have a publication scheme which sets out the CCG’s commitment to make the following classes of information routinely available:

  • who we are and what we do,
  • what we spend and how we spend it,
  • what are priorities are and how we are doing,
  • how we make decisions,
  • our policies and procedures,
  • lists and registers, and
  • the services we offer.

More details are given on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.  

This will be updated shortly by the Information Commissioner’s Office but in the meantime information is either available on our website or by contacting the FOI team whose contact details are given above.

Do I need to pay costs?

In most cases the cost of accessing information will be free, but for others there may be a charge. The charges will vary according to how the information is made available and the format. We will let you know the cost and charges that will have to be paid in advance. We will not provide printouts of other organisation's websites.

What about patient records?

There is a separate procedure and policy for accessing personal health records, whereby an individual can request either to see their record or to request a copy of their notes. If you want to access your GP medical records, you will need to contact your GP surgery and arrange with them to either view your records or to request a copy of the records.