Examples of patient and public involvement

  • Healthwatch Young Influencers, follow them on Twitter @healthwatch_yi The CCG works closely with them to make sure that the voices of young people are embedded in to the commissioning process
  • The CCG has approved a comprehensive action plan to involve patients and members of the public in the work of the local health and care system in 2019-2020. Follow this link to download the PPI action plan
  • On 20th February 2019, we held a workshop on coproduction for participants working in partnership across primary, secondary and mental health, social care and the voluntary and community sector in Tower Hamlets. The aim of the session was to:
    • Explore a local definition of coproduction;
    • Discuss the conditions required to put it in place;
    • Agree an action plan and the next steps for a Coproduction Charter

This report will form the basis for further discussion at the Tower Hamlets Together Board to ensure that a consistent approach to coproduction can be developed and adopted across the Borough, and that professionals and the public are supported in doing this meaningfully and regularly.

In 2018, the CCG commissioned an evaluation of its public involvement activities and structures to ensure that the organisation could learn from staff and the communities and improve its practices. The final report has been shared with staff and local communities and as a result the CCG PPI Action Plan 2019-2020 has been created in order to address the recommendations listed in the report, and improve the quality and the extent of public involvement activities”.