How we involve patients and the public

Tower Hamlets CCG is committed to working in equal partnership with patients and the public to develop health services that meet the needs of our community. We involve local people, patients and community groups in the procurement and design of the services we commission. Some of the ways that work with patients and the public include our Community Commissioning Panel and our Patient Leadership programme.  

On this page, you can also download more information about the actions taken as a result of your feedback, our governance structure and the way that the Community Commissioning Panel operates. 

Community Commissioning Panel

During 2015/16, Tower Hamlets CCG investigated new ways to work with the community, including setting up a Shadow People’s Panel whose role was to develop the vision, purpose and responsibilities for a corporate patient involvement structure. The recommendations of the Shadow People’s Panel led to the establishment of a Community Commissioning Panel (CCP) whose aim is to bring a local voice to the CCG and help shape healthcare in Tower Hamlets.

Ten local people from different backgrounds make up our CCP, which provides the patients’ voice and perspective on appropriate committees, focus groups and patient panels that feed into the Tower Hamlets CCG decision making process.  

In order for the panel to influence commissioning in a meaningful way, it is integrated into the CCG’s formal governance structure. Although the panel will have a considerable influence, it will remain independent to enable choice and freedom.

The CCP is chaired by the PPI lay member, who is able to champion the work and purpose of the panel to the governing body and other key stakeholders. 

Patient Leadership Programme

Social Action for Health was recently commissioned for a fourth year by Tower Hamlets CCG to recruit, develop and support local people to become patient leaders. The Patient Leadership Programme enables local people to get involved and take a leadership role in commissioning, reviewing and designing services at a strategic level with the CCG and other health partners.

Patient Leaders have been involved in many important decisions and processes in Tower Hamlets.  For example, they have been members of recruitment panels for senior members of staff, been involved in the procurement process for the Community Health Services contract and helped steer the development of the urgent and primary care programmes.

Tower Hamlets Together is all about health and social care organisations working closer together to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Tower Hamlets. This means a more coordinated approach to providing services, reducing duplication and improving the overall experience and outcomes for the patients who need them. We work closely with the main local provider, Barts Health, to ensure that ongoing joint working leads to excellent delivery of health services. Their latest patient experience strategy offers examples as to how patients can influence frontline services. We also work very closely with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in designing and shaping health and wellbeing services for our communities.

If you need any document or information in easy-read format or braille, or if you need any other form of support in order for you to be able to engage meaningfully with the work that we do, We’d love to hear from you, help us to improve and tell us how are we doing in engaging local communities and patients in the work that we do?  Get in touch: 

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