Have your say on the future of the NHS

NHS England is calling on patients, the public and staff to join in a discussion about the future of the NHS, so it can plan how best to deliver services, now and in the years ahead. This call to action sets out the facts about future demands on NHS services, how the budget is currently spent and how services are delivered. Read NHS England’s business plan – Putting Patients First to find out more.

The NHS needs to be able to deal with challenges ahead, such as an ageing population, a rise in the number of people with long-term conditions, lifestyle risk factors in the young and greater public expectations. Combined with rising costs and constrained financial resources, these trends threaten the long-term sustainability of the health service.

There have already been changes to make savings and improve productivity. The NHS is on track to find £20 billion of efficiency savings by 2015. However, without further changes to how services are delivered, a high-quality yet free at the point of use health service will not be available to future generations. Not only will the NHS become financially unsustainable, the safety and quality of patient care will decline.

This does not mean cutting core NHS services, or charging for them. NHS England is governed by the NHS Constitution, which protects the principles of a comprehensive service providing high quality healthcare, free at the point of use for everyone.

The constitution also says that the NHS belongs to the people and so does its future. In keeping with this principle, NHS England will be working together with staff, patients and the public to develop a series of new local approaches for the NHS.

That is why there is a call to action now. This is your opportunity to have your say about the future of the NHS and to ensure that the ideas identified are sustainable and respect the values that underpin the NHS. 

The NHS belongs to the people: a call to action (PDF, 531kb) is designed to help you understand why the NHS needs to change and that the more people share their views and ideas on the future of the NHS, the better the service will become. Your feedback will help NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to inform future commissioning decisions and medium-term strategic plans.

How will the Call to action engage with people?

There will be a number of ways for everyone to engage with the development of a renewed health service, including:

A digital call to action

One way you can contribute is via this website. Read or download the A call to action document (PDF, 531kb) and leave your comments on the NHS Choices website.

If you want to engage directly with the NHS or know how the health challenges in your area are being dealt with then get in touch with Tower Hamlets CCG your local Clinical Commissioning Group. CCGs are asked to actively engage in the process of improving the NHS.

Future of the NHS events with NHS staff, patients and the public

Take part in one of the local engagement events led by CCGs, health and wellbeing boards, local authorities and other local partners such as charities and patient groups. These workshop-style meetings are designed to gather views from patients and carers, local partner groups and the public. NHS England will also be holding events designed to capture the views of NHS staff.

Town hall meetings

There will be regional events across England, which will engage local government, regional partners, businesses and the public. These regional events will give people who have not had a chance to contribute locally the opportunity to participate in regional discussions.

National engagement events

There will also be a number of national events focusing on national level partner organisations to the NHS. These will include Royal Colleges, patient groups and charities, the private sector and other stakeholders.

Your NHS needs your help. Have your say.