Important Information about East One Health GP surgery

The contract to run East One Health GP surgery is coming to an end. As well as fulfilling our legal requirement to run a formal process to put a new contract in place, this also gives us an opportunity to ask patients what they think might improve services in the future. 

GP services at East One Health are currently managed by the East One Health GP partnership. In August 2010 they were given a contract to run those services and this contract will come to an end as planned on 9th August 2020 and a new contract for GP services will be put in place.

The contract for East One Health is ending at the same time as a neighboring Practice, Whitechapel Health.  It makes sense for NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to put in place one new contract that covers GP services for all of the patients of both practices.  This meets our aim to provide Tower Hamlets residents with a quality GP service in the most efficient and effective way possible.    

There is also a proposal to relocate to new premises towards the end of 2020, as part of the CCGs commitment to commissioning high quality accessible primary care from modern, fit for purpose premises for all patients in Tower Hamlets.  Patients will have an opportunity to comment on these future plans for the new site.

If I am a registered patients at this GP practice, what does this mean for me?

This does not mean that your practice will close or that you will need to find a new doctor. The CCG will make sure that your GP services continue uninterrupted. GP services will continue to be provided at the same East One Health premises in the period leading up to, during and after this process.

Getting involved

The CCG want to hear from patients to make sure that your views and suggestions are taken into account in making this important decision about who manages GP services in your surgery.

Please share your views with us in the following ways:

  1. Complete the Patient Survey

Complete the online patient survey here   between now and 28th March 2019.  

Alternatively, printed copies of the surveys will be available at the practice for you to complete and hand in.  The closing date for receipt of your comments is 28th March 2019.

  1. Attend one of the Patient drop in sessions

We have arranged two drop in sessions, where you can discuss any concerns and ask any questions that you may have.  Each session will cover the same content, patients wishing to attend only need to attend one session:

  • Drop in 1:        Monday 25th March 11.30-13.00
  • Drop in 2:        Monday 25th March 17.00-19.00

Both sessions will be held at the East One Health Centre, Deancross Street site.

What happens next?

We will share the findings of your completed surveys and our conversations with you and let you know the outcome of the selection process in the following ways:

  • We will publish information online at
  • We will write to registered patients again to let them know the outcome of the selection process.

If you have any questions about this letter and require further explanation, please contact Tower Hamlets CCG via:

Telephone: 020 3688 2500 or by email to

This information is available for translation, audio, large print and braille; please call 0800 950 0119 and use the reference code 959124


Yours faithfully

Angela Ezimora-West

Assistant Head of Primary Care

North East London Commissioning Alliance (NELCA)

(for and behalf of Tower Hamlets CCG)