National Autism Week (1-7 April)

There are approximately 2,278 adults with autism in Tower Hamlets. 

This Autism Awareness Week (1-7 April 2019), our vision is that all adults with autism can lead fulfilling and rewarding lives within a society that accepts and understands them. 

To mark National Autism Awareness Week, the Adult Autism partnership in Tower Hamlets will be planning actions for the next year to:

  • increase the awareness of people working in services and businesses about autism; and
  • encourage employers to give autistic adults and young people a job.

We will encourage services and businesses to:

  • Communicate clearly - simplify letters and information and use jargon-free language, visual aids and easy read. Ask clear specific questions and check people understand. Avoid cluttered information displays.
  • Give more time for appointments - e.g. doctors to give a double appointment slot
  • Be flexible about scheduling appointments, ask individuals for their preference and try to reduce delays and time spent in the waiting room as this can make people anxious.
  • Be environment aware – reduce noise, crowds and bright lightsReduce distinctive smells, avoid extremes of temperature.
  • Treat people as equals, with respect and as individuals.

The Council and CCG commit to participate actively in this work.