Self Care Week

Self Care is about being knowledgeable about your health and taking measures to stay well. This year's theme is "Self Care for Life - Take Control" and the intention is to raise awareness of how you can take control of your health, and ultimately take control of your life. 

We want you to Self Care for Life. Become more health conscious and choose healthy options that will impact positively on your physical health as well as your mental well being and self-esteem.

Self Care for Life means eating properly, taking regular exercise and looking after your symptoms of common everyday illness. Take control and recognise when to self care and when to seek advice, and if you need advice, think about your local pharmacist or whether a visit to the surgery is necessary. And, if you have a long term condition, understand that condition and how to live well with it daily. Self Care for a Good Life - Take Control!

Find out more about Self Care by visiting and watch out for local and national Self Care Week events.