Winter 2019-20

Winter 2019-20

Stay Well. Cold weather can be seriously bad for your health. That's why it's important to look after yourself, especially during the winter. Information on how to stay well this winter can be found here.

Pharmacist. If you start to feel unwell, even if it's a cough or a cold, don't wait until it gets more serious. Seek advice from your pharmacist. You can find your local pharmacist here.

GP. Your GP can see you often at short notice and sometimes after hours and at weekends. You can speak to your GP surgery by phone in working hours and can get further information on your surgery website.

Flu. Flu is very infectious and spread by germs from coughs and sneezes, which can live on hands and surfaces for 24 hours. To reduce the risk of spreading flu, use tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands often with warm water and soap, and bin used tissues as quickly as possible. Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Flu Vaccination. You are eligible for the free flu vaccine if you are pregnant, are aged 65 years or over, have a long-term health condition, or are a carer or frontline NHS staff. Children aged 2 or 3 years are also eligible. Ask your GP, pharmacist or midwife about the free flu vaccine. You can find more information about it here.

NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. To get help from NHS 111, you can go to NHS 111 Online (for people aged 5 and over only) or call 111 if your GP is not open, any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (for all ages). Depending on the situation you’ll:

  • Find out what local service can help you, including local face-to-face urgent care services and out of hours GPs or local pharmacists.
  • be connected to a nurse, emergency dentist, pharmacist or GP
  • be told how to get any medicine you need
  • get self-care advice